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After spendng all day working on this instead of doing the actual work that they're paying me to do this summer, we have blog. Oh joy. Now all that remains is to fill the kiosk. If you're reading this, let me know by submitting your kiosk vote for peer review through the handy link at the end of this post. To help you get an idea of what kind of thing belongs in the kiosk, here are a few helpful kiosk quotes:

"Kiiiioooosk! Kiiiiiiooooosk! Kiiiiiiiooooosk! You suck!"
"Hey kiosk, I talked to your mom last night. know what she said? You suck!"
"Goalie (<--), kisok (-->)! Goalie (<--), kiosk (-->)! Goalie (<--), kiosk (-->)!"
"Hey kiosk, it's Tuesday night, and you can't score!"


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