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I just found out that last week, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of Colgate's sports teams from "Red Raiders" to just "Raiders." No longer will our team's name not match our team's colors (maroon and white). Oh, and there's the whole racially insensitive to Native Americans thing. But we still have the stupid torch mascot. Prof. Kerber (who told me about the trustees' decision) said that when they got rid of the Native American mascot picture, they were planning to change the team name and mascot to "Red-tailed Hawks." But one Trustee blocked it, because "I don't want my school's teams named after a critter." So they got the torch instead. I suppose the torch wouldn't be so bad if it was a burning and pillaging type torch (since raiders like to burn and pillage), but it looks more like an olympic torch. Well, not Sydney 2000's wacky postmodern torch.


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