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Since my brother had to pipe up in ReBlogger with a Stipe reference, I have decided that the inaugural inhabitants of the kiosk will be REM's latest two albums, Up and Reveal. Even Fables of the Reconstruction at least had "Can't Get There From Here," but with Reveal you just come up empty-handed.

Today I learned to program a macro in Photoshop. It's not actually difficult, but it's something I didn't know you could do. So now with the click of a button I can make an image resize to 150 dpi and 480 pixels across, save as a jpg on my zip disk, and close. And I did that with around 250 images. Oh what fun.

I'm currently experiencing the joy of trying to teach someone html over IM. (Incidentally, the fact that IM won't let you send anything between angle brackets, while not crippling since I can substitute parenthesees, is irritating.) Yesterday Sarah Compter IMed me and basically said "I want to make a web page, but I don't know how." So I talked her through getting an Angelfire account and setting up a page. The thing is, she wants to do all kinds of nifty things that are no problem for me, but that are rather difficult to explain to someone who knows nothing about webpage building.

For example, she wasn't satisfied with a <h1> for her title. She needed it to be in Curlz font, with a shadow. So I had to try to talk her through taking a screenshot of Word and cropping it down to a title graphic. Then she put in a background image, and she wanted her text to not overlap the dark blue sidebar of the graphic. Since the sidebar was too wide to be taken care of with a <blockquote>, I had to prefabricate a table with a 100-pixel blank cell on the left for her.

I like helping people with stuff, so I shouldn't be whingeing. It's just frustrating not to be there with the person to explain things and easily see what they're doing wrong.

The Onion updated today. I'm debating whether I should stay up to read it.


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