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Things were not looking so bright for the future of the Dirty/Clean Song. I had failed to find a way to convert a .ram file to a .wav. And I'm thinking that may be the point of putting things in .ram format. Bah. Foolish RealPlayer.

Q'ili q'anra. Mana q'anra. Q'ili q'anra. Mana q'anra.

Then, Amanda came to the rescue. She managed to make a decent sounding .wav of mana q'anra by way of a tape recorder. She went to bed before she could do q'ili q'anra (and you need both dirty and clean to make the dirty clean song), but the possibility of creating the dirty/clean song is now alive and well. Huzzah!

RealPlayer: count yourself lucky. If it were not for the intervention of Amanda, you would be in the kiosk as we speak.


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