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This is text. That's all it is -- just a big ol' block of text. Yup, it's text upon text upon text. I'm putting all this text here so I can see what things will look like if I have a lot of text. And to do that, I need a lot of text. So I'm typing out a while crapload of text. I can say "crapload" because this text is my text. This is a test of the text. Test is almost the same word as text, but text has that k sound in it. But you don't write it with a k, because that would be tekst, which isn't a word. You write it with an x. However, if you were following the rules they use for translitterating Maya, x wouldn't make that ks sound that you hear in text. It would be an sh sound. Xibalba, for example, is pronounced Sheebalba. So if you were Mayan, you might think text was pronounced tesht. That would be amusing, but it would be incorrect. Because the real word is text, pronounced with a ks sound for the x. Text text text. Say it with me, boys and girls: "text."

We're getting a fair amount of text here. This is good. Text is good. I need text to help me test my template. Template starts with T, just like text, but other than taht they don't really have much in common. I need a template, too. But I also need text. Lots and lots of text. I'm going to post this now, because I think I have just about enough text for my purposes. Oh yes, my purposes that require text.

(A bit more text.)


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