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Thought the first: Why is it so &^%$ hot???? The weather report said it was supposed to be a high of 79 tomorrow. But in my room it's at least 90 right now, at 1 in the morning. And we already had our rainstorm, so the front that was supposed to cool things off has already passed through.

Thought the second: I went outside to cool off a bit (ha ha) and I saw the neatest thing. I wanted to videotape it and send it to Rabi so that she could describe it properly, because I know I'll never do it justice. It was pretty hazy out. As I looked down Broad Street, I could see a green glow coming from somewhere behind the roof of Gamma Phi's porch. As I watched, it turned yellow. Then red. Then green again.

Thought the third: The woods is horizontal, and the field is vertical. Everything in the woods is spreading out sideways, trying to create the biggest surface to catch the most light. The plants on the forest floor make this floating platform an inch off the ground, threatening to swallow up any small objects you might drop there. Even the trees send out their branches sideways and grow big flat leaves. But in the field, everything is growing up up up. Each stalk of grass or thistle or Queen Anne's lace has its own narrow column of airspace, and it jabs straight up through it. Anytime anything branches, it's a Y instead of a T. I feel like I should take my sketchbook and my conte crayons along tomorrow and record it, but I know I won't get it right, especially if Siobhan and Vanessa and Jason are all watching.


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