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The ending of Dante's Inferno was kind of disappointing. They finally got down to where Satan was, and he didn't do anything. Virgil and Dante were crawling around on Satan's hairy behind and he just sat there munching on Judas. After Charon and the guards at the City of Dis and Malebranche all gave Virgil and Dante such a hard time, I would have expected Satan to really let them have it. But there was no confrontation at all. He didn't even recognize their presence. Even if Satan knew God was protecting Virgil and Dante, and therefore he couldn't do anything to them, you'd think he'd have tried just out of boredom. The Traitors To Their Lords sure aren't doing anything interesting, being as they're frozen in ice (insert "when Hell freezes over" joke here), and I can't imagine Judas has been getting any sweeter over the last 1300 years. If I were Satan, I'd be more than ready for a little excitement.

Another example of Satan's laziness -- of the three greatest traitors he chose as his chew toys, two of them were involved in the same plot against Julius Caesar (Brutus and Cassius). It's like he got bored in his search for horrible treachery, so he just took two guys from the same incident. I bet he had a third Caesar assassin up until Judas died.


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