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I saw Ronnie for the first time in well over a year today. He was one of my best friends in high school, but after we graduated he dropped out of college and moved to Texas with his girlfriend. Now he lives in Arizona, as does my other best friend Chris, working in the produce department of a grocery store.

As soon as I got home from church, I heard someone yelling "hey, Stenny!" I thought it was my brother, but then I looked over at the door and there was Ronnie. He had come back from Arizona for a week in Ocean City with his mom, her boyfriend, his brother, and their two girlfriends. So he had only one day in Palmerton before he had to go back.

Trevor, Leanne, Ronnie and I drove down to Palmerton Pizza, where we met up with Jackie and Nicole George. I didn't eat much, because I had had ice cream right after church. Ronnie was his old hungry self, and he sucked down three slices and a big order of fried mushrooms. Then we headed to Lehighton to visit Matt Snyder's grave. They didn't have a tombstone put in yet.

We ended the get-together with a Whirlwind Old Ladies Tour. Ronnie had to go visit Chris's grandparents, Trevor's mom, Leanne's grandmother, and Ruth (his old neighbor).

I think I've seen more people I went to high school with today than I have any other vacation in the last two years (and plus I saw Jen and Amanda the other day).


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