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I took's Religion Selector test today. It was a tough test given that so many questions revolved around the afterlife, but my religious viewpoint encourages me to not concern myself with what may or may not happen after death. On the first try my top results were 100 Liberal Quaker, 93 Liberal Protestant, 90 Unitarian, and 78 Neo-Pagan. Second round gave me 100 Liberal Quaker, 100 Conservative Quaker, 91 Liberal Protestant, and 90 Unitarian. Newsweek had a little blurb on its Cyberscope page last week about how a disproportionate number of people had been getting Quaker as a top answer. I'm so typical. *sob* Now that I've read their little summary page on Quakers, I can certainly see how it fits, as their description of liberal quaking was a combination of a lot of liberal Protestant (which is how I identify myself) and Unitarian (which I praised in this space earlier) beliefs.


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