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I'm tired. Last night I stayed up far later than I intended. And I wasn't even doing anything important -- just reading up on alien astronauts and the Chupacabras over at the Skeptic's Dictionary. The altered summer worship schedule at my church prevented me from sleeping in later to make up for this.

This evening I went to the park to hear the Hazelton band play. It was a nice change of pace. And they played my favorite Sousa march, "El Capitan." But the director had no effective stage presence whatsoever. In introducing songs, he would make comments like "this song has a fast section, followed by a slow section, and then the fast section comes back."

Just now I have confirmed the veracity of the Oracle at Auntie Anne's, by consulting The Potato. The Potato answered with a seemingly unambiguous "ayup." However, ayup is a Maine phrase. The origin of the phrase and the questionable intellectual heritage associated with that state may allow certain reinterpretations of what the potato meant. This which would lead us to question if the suckitude of Maine exists independently of our need to tease April-Lyn and disparage Zomberg. There are clearly deep philosophical issues associated with the use of "ayup."


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