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My brother got really lucky. Mr. Geiger, our town librarian, was ready to throw out the autobiography of Mr. T. Luckily my mom saw it and rescued it. It turns out Mr. T was a Boy Scout.

Ryan just called and gave me five more names of first-years who will be helping out with the Maroon-News orientation issue. I'm really surprised at how big a response we got, considering we start work on it in just over a week and the letters went out a week ago. Now we have to see if we can keep them on staff. Out of the ten people who worked on the Class of '02 orientation issue, only Alex and I are still on staff (and if Alex follows in the footsteps of past Senior Editors, we won't be seeing much of him around the office. Let's hope he's a Mike Karle instead of a Jon Egan).


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