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My sister's friend Sara(h) was visiting today. And every time I walked in the room someone had to point out that this was Sara(h) Hartman. Yes, I know that I know her sister. Yes, she was in my class. Look, I've talked to Shannah maybe once since we graduated, and not very often before then. It's not like it's some major connection, especially considering how small this town is. Although I did learn through all this that Shannah is moving up in the world -- she's apparently living in Bowmanstown now.

I've also been playing a lot of Civilization. And I'm really bitter at the Senate. Normally my strategy is to build only enough military units to defend my cities, and focus all my resources on building city improvements and expanding my territory. If I want to take over enemy cities, I just build a spy and incite revolts. It's cheaper and causes much less damage than conquering them. But the darn Carthaginians switched to a democracy. You can't incite the citizens of a democracy to revolt (which is one of the reasons I always become a democracy as soon as I can). So I had to break out the cruise missiles and teach them a lesson (I didn't have to, but when it's 1850 and your spaceship is completed and you're just killing time until 2000 so that you can let your population expand as much as possible, you need to amuse yourself somehow). Then my own Senate meets with the Carthaginians behind my back and signs a cease-fire, and won't let me break it. Gah.

Before you think I have absolutely no life (well, I don't, but I'd rather you not think that) I actually started my paper based on my summer research today. I made a nifty flow chart for it and everything. I think I've written about 2000 words, and I've only just begun. And I get to ramble on about Harry Lourandos. Harry Lourandos is my hero. Upon further reflection, declaring that I have a favourite Australian archaeologist doesn't really do much to dispel the idea that I have no life.


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