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There was a paper wasp nest outside my window. I hadn't even noticed it, because it was up under the second story eaves. None of the wasps had tried to come in my windows, and I hadn't noticed any flying around outside (the nest was in the corner near the driveway, so you'd think I would have).

My dad decided to get rid of it today. So he came into my room with a broom and a can of Raid, and went to work. When he was done he had me come into the bathroom (to get a better angle to see the nest), and proclaimed, "I broke it open and soaked the eggs. Ha ha ha!" Later my mom came by and told me that dad had knocked a big chunk of the nest onto the sidewalk, and there were wasps staggering around it like they were drunk.

Now my dad is in his room with the stereo turned way up, rocking out to some old blues guitarist.


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