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Today was the first day of University Church for the year. I had forgotten how much I like UC. There's just a sense of community that I get there that I haven't felt at any of the other churches I've been to. I suppose part of it is because it's all people roughly my age. Really, that's the point of organized religion, much as people say it's just about brainwashing people.

it's strange to think that I now hold a leadership position in the church. I suppose part of it is that I just can't see myself as the pillar of Christian faith that people like Dea DeWitt and Matt Laubenstein were (granted, they were Stewards and I'm just editor of the UC newsletter, but still). It's even less true now than last year when I signed on to be a leader, since my beliefs took a definite Unitarian turn this summer (though I still insist on thinking of myself as a Lutheran, just like I consider myself a Pennsylvanian despite having spent the last three years in New York). I suppose it will work out fine since I'll be dealing with PageMaker more than God. And it's not a bad trade off -- I mean, God's got that whole saving you from eternal damnation thing, but can he adjust line spacing in .1 point increments?

The new people in UC seem pretty cool. There were two girls who, upon learning that I lived in Cushman, expressed a great deal of sadness that they didn't come to our party last night, chosing instead to wander around downtown and then watch the Matrix. They were cheerleaders, though, so maybe I should have warned them that the party consisted almost entirely of band people. And there was another girl who was amazed that you could get AOL IM without having AOL.


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