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Two days to Brunchmeet. Thursday at 11 I'll be picked up at the Mahoning Valley exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike by one Barbara "sandrylene" Wilkie. Then it's off to the Birdsall cabin on Lake Cayuga. I get a bonus night of Brunchmeet with just the Birdsalls, due to a lack of residence were I to return to Hamilton on Friday. So Saturday I get to brave the bus trip from Ithaca to Hamilton by way of Binghamton. Darn Short Line not running a direct bus...

Turning on the printer to print out the directions to the cabin (I'm not driving, but I'm paranoid) just woke up my cat (Quincey), who has been sleeping on top of a bookbag that is sitting on our dining room table.

All this means that after Wednesday night, I'll be blogless until sometime Saturday (provided I can get my stuff out of storage right away). And then starts the fun and excitement of Band Camp. See Marty the Amazing Lush! Marvel at Mike Orlando, the Bearded-But-Moustacheless Man! Meet the real Amanda Hope!


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