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1) Last night was round two of the Boot Game. The Boot Game, first played in the third floor lounge of Read my sophomore year, involved throwing Dave's boots and trying to get them to land standing up on two cinder blocks. Dave beat me in the first round 11-9 (he technically won at 10, but he decided to throw the second boot just for the heck of it, and wound up with a double booting).

We didn't have cinder blocks this time, but we did have two old broken computers that had mysteriously appeared in our laundry room. We decided that since they were broken already, it wouldn't hurt to throw boots at them. In the first game of the night, Dave beat me 4.5-2 (his last 2 points came on a double boot, which is an automatic win). Then Barbara beat Amanda 5-1. In the loser's bracket, I shut Amanda out 5-0 for third place. Then Dave squeaked out a 5-4 win over Barbara to retain his Boot Game champion crown. Then Amanda, Barbara, and I decided to play a three-person round with our off hands (left for me and Barbara, right for Amanda). I won, but Amanda managed to score four points and have the lead most of the game. Maybe she secretly really is right handed.

Afterward we went to my computer to test out a disk that Marty had found in one of the computers. I am seriously not making this up -- the disk contained the program file COMMAND.COM, which means that it was a boot disk.

2) Yesterday, walking past the library I found a paper sign laying on thr ground. The background was a very digitized picture that looked like it came from an illustration of the Black Plague, showing a man and a skeleton toasting. The text of the sign said:

A: Have a cigarette delivered right to your door!!

If anyone can explain that, let me know.

3) I am so out of shape. I should have known this based on how out of breath I was from chasing Amanda for one lap around the hockey rink. But I went and played a long game of midnight ultimate frisbee on Friday anyway. When I woke up yesterday I felt fine, so I headed off to fencing practice. At fencing we did lots of footwork, and two rounds of wall sits. I think one of the circles of Hell that Dante missed was people doing wall sits. So now this morning I am extremely sore, to thr point that I am really not looking forward to having to walk up the hill to church once I finish this post.


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