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The cuts on my feet from Lake Cayuga's zebra mussels have long since healed, so I shall now do Amanda a favor and put RealPlayer in the Kiosk. I haven't actually shared the RealPlayer difficulties that have caused Amanda to raise the subject, but I have a long-standing hatred for RealPlayer and its stupid .rm files, and no other particular irritations at the moment.

Barbara is alseep on my floor right now. This is good in that I don't feel so bad about doing school work that I unfortunately have to get done today while she's here. But it's bad in that she'll be less inclined to go to bed early, and I will therefore be obligated to be a good host and stay up and be social, as I don't know when I'll wind up seeing her next (we've talked about the possibility of going Beth-hunting in Boston over fall break, but the Princeton football game that Saturday may kill those plans).


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