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Dave doesn't have any comment system, so I'll talk about this here.

I'm hoping that post will turn out to be more venting than journalism. It sounds cheesy to say it, but I care about Experimental Theatre more than I care about any other activity that I'm not involved in. Heck, I might put Theatre before the One O'Clock Jazz Band (now held at 4:10), since nobody ever comes to listen to Jazz Band (well, Dave actually does, but considering his dislike of jazz I think it's mostly for moral support of Timmy and me). Experimental Theatre's performance ranks up there with the ECAC tournament at Lake Placid and Woods Tea in terms of things I look forward to each semester. So it worries me to hear that the group is faltering. Of course, it seems like every semester preliminary reports suggest that it's not going to come together, that the group is totally unprepared to perform. But it always works out, as far as we unenlightened audience members can tell. So maybe I shouldn't worry. Or maybe I should just worry about the Maroon-News and Pep Band and let Theatre sort itself out.

I felt like I had a lot more to say when I started writing this.


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