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The good news (for me, at least): I'm now webmaster of the Geography department homepage, along with Dana Farrill. As if I didn't have enough random web stuff to do. I haven't even checked the Brunching UBB in three days, and I don't expect to check it before this weekend (although luckily I'm not an admin there anymore, so that doesn't matter). I also somehow wound up co-president of GTU, but that's not a big deal. Mmmm, new webpage to play with ... I'm just concerned they'll make up keep doing it in FrontPage. Notepad r00lz!

The bad news (for all of us): The two remaining members of Splashdown, who were forming a new band, broke up. They better start up Freezepop-caliber solo projects. Although after they let people download Blueshift for free, I don't think I really have the right to make demands.


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