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I feel like I've reached a new plane of enlightenment or something. Today I got a photo credit in The Maroon-News.

The photo is for Marty's article on the Nimda virus. He realised at 2 a.m. that the picture he had for the article was of a Mac, which isn't affected by Nimda. So I ran home and took a picture of my computer running McAffee.

I could list off a lot of problems with the photo. If I had thought about how Marty was laying out the page, I would have taken the picture from the opposite angle, so that the monitor would face onto the page. If anyone in the house had been awake, I would have gotten them to sit at the computer, so that there would be a person in the photo instead of just a computer. I should have found a way to get set quicker so that I could snap the picture while the big McAffee startup screen was showing, so that you could tell what the computer was doing (as is it just looks like a bunch of windows open). But it's still a photo credit. Now the next step is to get a byline in Colgate Sports. Maybe the next time Fencing has a tournament...

Of course, I've taken photos for the M-N before, in the process of doing Campus Notebook. But there's never any sort of byline on Notebook. We haven't run it the past two weeks, and I'm not especially sad about that.


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