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I have been asked to blog the resolution made at lunch today by Amanda and Liz. In an attept to outdo my experience with a glass of ranch dressing and Jay Barr's experience with a cup of salsa, they intend to consume a cup of rosemary.

My hair is much too long right now. I keep meaning to get it cut, but I always have some sort of commitment or work that needs to get done that precludes me from walking downtown. At least we're now able to disprove Gulnar's hypothesis that if I let my hair get longer I would acquire a girlfriend. The idea made little sense, as my appearance is sub-par to begin with and certainly not improved by hair that's too long for the hairstyle that I have maintained for the past 10 years. And the fact that her husband sported a buzz cut casts some doubt on Gulnar's judgement in such matters. But we now have scientific proof. In the interest of making some use of my Quantitative Methods class, I can point out that this was a "single group interrupted time series" research design.


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