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I have more keys now. I've got my room, the Maroon-News office, the Maroon-News editors' room, the geography lab, the geography lounge, the outside door to Alumni, the inside doors to Alumni, and the archaeology lab. And today I picked up keys to Neva's office and the copier room in the Chapel. Once they finish the renovations and the Stewards get their own office back, I'll get a key to that room too.

I get this feeling of power from having all these keys. Sophomore year, when I got my second key (room and M-N) I remember jumping up and down so I could hear them rattling together in my pocket. That may have contributed in some small way to my shift from wearing jeans to looser khakis.

Mr. Plechavy, the chorus and stage crew advisor at my high school, must have felt like God with all his keys.


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