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I woke up sweaty this morning, because it's much warmer at noon than it is at 3 a.m. Too warm for sleeping. I think that's part of why I feel so cruddy after I take a nap during the day, and why I can't sleep very long during the day even after an all-nighter. It worked out fine this morning, as I woke up at exactly the right time to make it to fencing. We had more newbies there than old people. So today was all footwork. I think it was the hardest workout at a fencing practice yet. The whole time was footwork. Matt and Kristin were the only two who even got out swords. My left toe is very sore, because in my stance I never put much weight on my back heel. The newbies are all doing very well, though.

When I left, it was still warm. But I could see some red in the maple trees along Broad Street, and somebody was burning something somewhere. I'm trying really hard not to sound cheesy here, but I like fall a lot. I think that's my biggest regret about going to Australia when I did -- not missing the presidential election (though they were kind enough to hold off on finishing it until I returned), or not being able to take the field archaeology course, but missing fall. There were a lot of days when, walking to Uni, the humidity and temperature would be just right, and if I was thinking about something else the bits of eucalyptus bark laying around, and I'd be fooled. So I'd look up, expecting to see red-leaved maples and brown-leaved oaks and a few yellow leaves left on some birches and willows. But instead, there would just be bright green eucalyptus leaves, and I'd remember that there was only going to be more growth as we go into summer. Australians don't even have the name "fall" for the season between summer and winter, because their trees never lose their leaves. It was depressing. But I kept looking up, as if there were some part of my brain convinced that if I just kept trying someday it would be fall.

So now I have to make up for that fall I missed. We're off to a good start.

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