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I won't explain what just happened, because if you haven't been watching the news you're a bad person, and I won't have any respect for you until you at the very least click over to the Post for a while.

Marty woke up as I was playing a clip of Bush's speech in Florida. He thought it was some doctored clip someone made as a joke.

One of NBC's less over-repeated clips was a ground-level shot of the first tower falling. The camera was close enough that there was nobody in the street anymore. But in the foreground, there was a traffic light, going about its business. I'm sure you can come up with your own symbolism for that.

NBC really wanted to pin it on Osama bin Laden. They even put his picture up on the screen, without any kind of blurb saying "his involvement is pure conjecture." Granted, he is the most likely suspect, and none of the news organizations have come out and claimed he must be behind it, but in dwelling on him as a possible suspect they're pronouncing him guilty in the minds of a lot of people.

It seems like the obvious thing to write my commentary on this week. But what could I say? That it's horrible? That's obvious. If my political beliefs were completely opposite I would call for a full-scale invasion of Afghanistan (or at the very least hitting it with our entire nuclear arsenal). But I'm not Jeff Martin.


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