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1) It's generally considered poor form for a DJ to spend more time disparaging the news report than actually reading it.

2) A hockey game just isn't the same when they order the 'Gates not to sing "O, Canada."

3) All forms of rap, hip-hop, nyte flyte are basketball music, not hockey music.

4) Grand Buffet is much better when they're focussing on random weirdness, rather than drunken sexual frustration. (And they didn't say "suck the D" once).

5) I'm glad I didn't see Lord Grunge naked.

6) It wasn't nearly as cold today as I thought it would be.

7) "Warm up the bus" is much more fun when you have 10 keys instead of one.

8) 31 to 5 is a weird football score. Not as weird as 25 to 5, though.


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