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I'm not sure what my problem is this year. I feel like I have more work than I know what to do with. I have so much work that I can't even think of a new idiom to describe it aside from "more than I know what to do with."

The thing is, I don't really have that much work. I'm a social science major, for crying out loud. I've got extracurriculars, but not significantly more than last semester. And I only have a real position of responsibility on The Maroon-News. Yet somehow I have all this reading, and writing, and researching hanging over my head.

I was really busy last semester, too, since I was taking five classes. But I still found the time to check the Brunching UBB every day (which takes up at least 2 hours a day if you read all the major fora), and to read the news regularly, and to talk to Christine for inordinate amounts of time every day. Now this semester, I'm only taking four classes and I'm single again, and yet I've had to give up on the UBB and barely follow the news enough to crank out a commentary every week. And I'm sure you've noticed I don't post much of substance here anymore.

I feel like I must have lost any time management skills I ever had. I don't feel like more of a slacker now, but I must be, because I seem to be getting less done in more time. It probably doesn't help that I'm sitting here writing this instead of reading the huge stack of books on my desk.


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