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Today I went to Oneida with Compter and her friends "Berk" and "Taco." In theory this was to drop me off at the oral surgeon who was going to do x-rays so they could take my wisdom teeth out. We got there early, so we went to Taco Bell. I don't like Taco Bell, which worked out fine because I had eaten and brushed my teeth before we left. I was able to make Compter's day by explaining that History did in fact count for a social science distribution. Berk was a bit distressed that her bean burrito contained a solid cylinder of bean substance and unmelted cheese.

Then we went to the medical building. They dropped me off and headed to WalMart. I walked in the door and found the office of Joesph T Rowbottom in Suite F. The lights were off, and the door was locked. So I called Compter from Suite A and read an exciting essay about the census in 19th century India while they finished shopping at WalMart. And then we came home. I had a message on my phone (I don't know what time it was left) saying Dr. Rowbottom had the flu. So now it will probably be November before I can get a new appointment. It might almost be easier to just have my home dentist do it over Christmas break. Except that deciding that would probably trigger another abcess, as some twisted form of cosmic justice.


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