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I hate abdicating responsibility. But last night I had to.

When the new Brunching board started up, nobody even questioned that I should be made an admin again, now that we weren't subject to the wrath of Pahl. It was really weird at first, because I felt like I was suddenly off the hook for all the inflammatory things I said on the old board. I didn't complain, though, because (if only for selfish control-freak reasons) I like being an administrator there. I like feeling that I have the power and responsibility to make sure things run smoothly. But last night, I realised I was spending too much time on the board that I should have spent working on school things. I decided I wouldn't be able to give the board my full attention again until after Thanksgiving, when my two seminar papers will be turned in. I'm sure you're all laughing at the concept of a geography/anthropology major being swamped with work, and there isn't really a good reason I shouldn't be able to do it all with time to spare. But I'm still failing at time management.

So last night I posted that I was going to have to take a month-long hiatus. And that meant that I had to permanently step down from being an administrator. I don't like the fact that when I come back in December I'll be an SMU, but it would be dishonest of me to think I could leave and then be fully reinstated when I come back.


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