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This morning we got an email from Prof. Cashman, who directs the jazz band, saying he called in two professionals to perform with us at our December 4 concert. One plays trombone, the other plays trumpet. Prof. Cashman said he was "getting the third parts ready."

They came to rehearsal today for the first time. It turns out Prof. Cashman pushed Aaron down to third part and left me at second so the new guy could play first. It's a logical move, because that means only one of us has to learn a new part, and the first and third parts are more similar than either of them are to second. But that means our best student player is playing the lowest part, while I'm still playing the parts that really ought to be played by a better musician.

I can understand bringing them in for a few rehearsals, so that we can learn from them (not that either of them said a word the entire rehearsal). But why spring them on us a week before our first and only performance this semester? And why do we need to perform with professionals, anyway?


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