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I forgot to post about this when it happened.

My early class on Friday got cancelled. It was a wonderful thing, as I was at The Maroon-News until 5 a.m. On a slight tangent, I think next semester will be the first semester of my college career when I don't have an early class on Friday. So my plan was to sleep until noon, when I would wake up in time to get a shower and meet Amanda and some of her friends for lunch before my 1:00 meeting of my anthro methods class. Speaking of sleeping in, I'll get to do that Tuesday and Thursday next week because my anthro professor will be off learning about alternative medicine (hence the extra Friday session). We still have to get up at 8:30 to fill out SET forms on Tuesday, but I can come home and go back to sleep easy enough.

I woke up around 11 feeling fairly rested. I found this odd, as I hadn't gotten my healthy 8 hours, much less made up for the lack of sleep over the rest of the week. It probably had to do with the fact that my body didn't think I should still be in bed at 11. So I laid in bed, determined to take advantage of the fact that I could sleep in if necessary.

At 11:20 the phone rang. I got up (since I was clearly not getting much more sleep) and answered. It took me a moment to realise the guy on the other end was asking for me, not Marty. I never get phone calls. He said he was from National Geographic, and that they had selected me for an internship this summer. He went on to explain what I'd be doing -- basically living in DC and working in the .com division -- until, about 5 minutes into the conversation, he asked, "so, do you accept?" I was a bit surprised that hadn't been communicated yet, because I was certainly thinking it.


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