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Today was a pretty blah day. I slept until noon, didn't feel so great (not bad, but not good either), and laid around the house like I have been doing for the past week.

I've got lots of free time. Heck, that's pretty much all I have now, as I'm not working this break (the store doesn't need anyone, and I wouldn't be able to work many days anyway between getting my wisdom teeth out and going on vacation). Yet the few things I need to get done haven't gotten done.

I'm going to try making a list here. Maybe if I publicly declare the things I need to do, I'll be motivated to do them:
  • Apply to Syracuse and Clark

  • Write to professors at Syracuse and Clark

  • Relearn Spanish

  • Become familiar with the layout and structure of

  • Scan additional photos from Canberra that got mysteriously deleted a long time ago

  • Make George W Bush images for the Potato God site.

  • Write letter of reference for Compter to go to some journalism conference

  • Read a crapload of books

  • Think of overdue Secret Santa present for someone from Brunching.


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