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Well, that post did get me motivated to write Compter's letter. The thing is, I'm not quite sure how to write it. When I started, I slipped easily into a hyperbolicly glowing recommendation. I made it sound like she was Brad Heath, only she smelled better. She's got her faults, such as not usually getting much done on Wednesday, and she was the one behind that stupid "Puns of Fun" thing in the first few issues. But I hesitate to point out her problems too much. For one thing, I know I dwell on people's shortcomings more than on their strengths, so I would wind up giving a picture of her that's skewed toward her faults. And I feel like I have to oversell her, as everyone else applying to this workshop is doubtless getting extremely strong recommendations. So on the one hand I don't want to be inaccurate, but on the other I don't want to jeapordize her chance of getting into this workshop, as I do think she deserves to go.


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