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Here I am, wasting a few hours so that it can hurry up and be time to go back to Colgate. I keep thinking about how I need to learn to live in the moment more, especially since I have a limited number of them left before I graduate, but I don't precisely know how to do that. And it's especially hard when the moment is so boring.

I'm giving the Zoroastrians a rest, even though it is a pretty cool religion. So now I'm just looking at blogs in the "recently updated" list. Not because I care about these people's lives. I'm barely reading anything. I'm just looking at the layouts. And I really want an explanation of why so many blogs are in Portuguese.

I watched some pretty terrible TV today. Granted, I think just about everything on TV besides the Simpsons is terrible. But today I saw the crappiest of the crap. We just saw a commercial for the "Perfect Pancake," which is essentially two frying pans hinged together opposite the handles. And there was a game show called "The Chamber," where they put a person in this chamber and make them answer questions while they're spun upside down, blasted with air, and either heated to 150 degrees, or sprayed with water and frozen to -20 degrees.

Well, I've wasted about an hour since I started typing this. In another two hours I can justify checking the Brunching board again. Maybe I should go eat something...


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