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Thoughts from reading the military surplus catalog:

- My dad just said "oh, this isn't the one I usually order from." *usually*?

- Ooh, authentic Swiss jerry can. I could put all kinds of gas in that.

- Ok, they're selling Swedish military bedpans, and the photo shows it being used as a candy dish.

- Apparently Greece makes the best bullets.

- Ok, Mr. Dundee, you can stop saying "You call that a knoife?"

- This vest says "for hunting or tactical missions."

- I suppose I actually would have a use for this pocket watch on a kerabiner, as keeping a wristwatch in my pocket gets me so many weird looks. They're 1 for 5370 here.

- Long underwear. Used.

- "Swedes discover blue isn't a good concealment color ... I nab their surplus!"

- My dad seems to think I really want to buy this surplus pepper spray.

- Darn it. They're not selling Night Vision goggles.

- Ha ha. They're making fun of Czechoslovakia for thinking it would get involved in Desert Storm.

- Ok, I can guarantee that this "as seen on TV" vacuum sealing machine is not military surplus.

- Whoa, a Sasquatch suit for swamp hunting. Coooool.

- My mom seems really shocked that I'm familiar with the concept behind tracer bullets.


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