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I feel like my brain has been overactive lately. Like it's trying to suck in all the learning it can in these last few months at Colgate, from whatever source it can. I spent an hour reading a book about terrorism that Ryan had left in the Maroon-News office because my brain felt I could learn more efficiently that way than by reading anything that was relevant to any class I'm taking. I randomly read a post in william's blog, and had to restrain myself from following his links to learn more about Mormonism.

I can probably chalk it up to the law of diminishing returns. To a certain extent, the more you know about a topic, the more work it takes to increase that knowledge -- to find something new or make some new connection. So when I come across something like Mormonism that I know squat about, I can very easily learn more, whereas I have to dig to find new knowledge about agricultural failure in the Aral Sea basin.

I woke up a little bit ago because I had a profound breakthrough about statistics, of all things. Well, not so much a profound breakthrough as a sudden understanding of a concept that I had known was true but never quite grasped why.


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