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So, my last Colgate hockey games. If we get home ice for the playoffs I might be able to go to the first game before Beth and I head to Fredonia (provided she's not anti-hockey), but without the band there it won't really count. And it would be anticlimactic, because even if the team makes it to Lake Placid -- which I had been hoping for and looking forward to all season -- I won't be there. I'll be in LA at the Association of American Geographers' Annual Meeting. Which will be exciting in its own way, but it won't be Placid.

But they were good games. I finally got to play drums at the Clarkson game, which I had wanted to do just to see what it was like ever since we lost all our trained drummers sophomore year. And we got to use the "It's Saturday night, and you can't score!" cheer against SLU.

I can't help but look at grad school as if it's another go at undergrad. I know grad students aren't supposed to do extracurriculars and non-academic stuff the way undergrads do, but I find myself spending less time thinking about the classes and professors and more about whether Clark has a pep band and how quickly I can become an editor of their student newspaper.


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