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The Super Bowl really could have been the script from a sports movie. You have the Patriots, who are huge underdogs, with few stars on their team, playing the Rams, who outdid the Patriots in every category during the season and boast start after star. The Patriots make the sentimental choice to introduce themselves as a team, rather than individuals. They're behind early, but then step up and shatter people's expectations by taking a big lead. They look like they're going to put it away when they stop the Rams in the red zone and run a fumble back for a touchdown that would seal their victory, but it's called back on a holding penalty, and the Rams score. Then the Rams score again, evening things up. Finally, at literally the last second of the game, they kick the game winning field goal. And for weeks afterward people will be pointing out the inadvertant symbolism in the Patriots winning the first Super Bowl after September 11.


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