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I finally saw Requiem for a Dream last night.
"Eh, that's not so disturbing."
"OK, that's a little disturbing."
"Well, that's a lot disturbing, but they didn't show it for very long."
"Oh dear, here's a longer shot."
"Mommy, hold me."

But at least now I know what people are talking about when they start saying "Be excited! Be, be excited!"

And was I the only one who got this mild incest vibe from Harry and Marian (not that the movie needed anything else to make it more disturbing)? In the scene early on when they're laying beside each other and they have the split screen showing their faces in profile, I realised that their noses and chins were similar shapes. Which led me to think that they could reasonably be cast as family members in some other movie. Which led to ewww. But maybe I just have incest on the brain from reading too much Claude Lévi-Strauss in the car.


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