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I'm going blog-crazy today, and there's probably more to come, as long as saying that hasn't jinxed it.

Bush Statement On Campaign Finance Bill
Strangely enough, I agree more than I disagree with the President's assessment of the McCain/Feingold/Shays/Meehan bill. Yes, it is a step forward, and yes, there are questions in my mind about the restrictions placed on issue advertising. I don't see the need to raise the limits on individual contributions, as that only makes it easier for rich people's voices to overshadow the poor's, though that may have been a politically necessary concession. And I don't entirely buy that Bush's current stance is the one he's held all along. It may be one of the benefits of the war on terror that Bush won't have the time or effort necessary to fight on issues he doesn't really care that strongly about (though we have to be vigilant so that he doesn't try to use the war and the notion of national solidarity to keep opponents from fighting hard, either).


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