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Jazz band just hasn't been fun lately. It ought to be -- we've got full instrumentation for the first time in eight semesters (providing Dave shows up), and cool people like Antwaun and Emily. And we're sounding a lot better than we were with Darryl.

But we're not playing any good songs. Last semester we at least had "Moanin'," which is one of the coolest songs ever (although that was the one song where I played first part, even though second was for once the cool part). This semester the best we have is "Takin' It To Church," which Emily astutely pointed out sounds like a sitcom theme song.

And we're not soloing nearly as much. I'm not going to have a solo this semester, for the first time ever. Soloing is a big part of the reason I joined jazz band -- I suck at it, but it's fun to be able to mess around and try to create something of my own instead of just playing back the marks on the page (which Prof. Cashman has been very strict about).

Ah well.


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