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Last night there was nobody in the geography lab. The lights in the room turned out because I had been sitting at my computer for so long. (As a tangent, I managed to lock up the lounge without triggering the motion sensor lights in it. It's a big accomplishment.)

While I was sitting there, I managed to get into a hyper-productive mindset somehow. I had the draft of my thesis open, and I was typing away. I was drawing in all kinds of references, from Ayn Rand to the 16th century beaver trade to "Buddy" Karelis to campaign finance reform. I was in such high gear that I couldn't write in a linear fashion. I'd do a paragraph here, then jump somewhere else and sketch out an idea before I lost it. Sometimes I wouldn't even finish sentences, relying on the opening to remind me of what I was going to say while I zipped back a few pages to fill in something else. I'm surprised my writing comes out as coherent as it does, seeing how fragmented my style of creating it is. Brendan once told me that I have a very stream-of-consciousness style, which makes little sense given that the order of my thoughts is very different from the order of my paragraphs.

I would have stayed and kept going except that I had to do the dinner dishes, which had been left for me since I had to leave for work right after dinner. So I did that, then went back to my room to work on my thesis. But now it was a chore to drag out any words, and all the analogies and explanations I had thrown down just an hour earlier sounded stupid and inaccurate. So I read some Lévi-Strauss and went to bed.


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