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I came up to the Maroon-News office to get my commentaries and photoshop my comics, so I could put them on my website. My last commentaries and my last comic. I'm going to try to work for The Scarlet at Clark, but I'm trying not to be under any illusions that it will be like The Maroon-News. Maroon-News has defined so much of my life here at Colgate, more so than pretty much anything else I did. It's been hard to get the motivation to finish my thesis -- which should be the big culmination of my college career -- this weekend, because the last Maroon-News issue came out. I feel like I'm done with college now, that everything else is just crap I have to get out of the way between now and graduation.

When I came in the room, I started tidying up like I always do. I was about to take the page budget and ad list off the board, but then I changed my mind. It felt too much like packing up, putting away everything we got out. They can take that stuff down in the fall, when they're ready to start a new year.


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