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We're at work on the Melophone Master Race.

You see, for a long time now we've known that the melophone is a superior instrument. The band has been contaminated by inferior sections, holding back the pure quasi-French-horn glory of the melophones. But only recently has it come to light that the melophone section is not only instrumentally superior, but also genetically superior. All three melophone players currently have blond hair and blue eyes -- the band's most fully developed Aryans. Nate also had blue eyes, and his red hair was symbolic of the fierceness of the Master Race.

What is the implication of all this, you ask? Simple: We must breed, in order to keep our genes pure. This explains why all along I have been drawn to Kevin and Liz. For the good of humanity, we must create the Melophone Master Race.

I'm going to start growing my funny little moustache right now. Heil Neely!


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