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I got myself in trouble again on the Brunching board for a particular opinion. There was a thread where people were telling what piercings and tattoos they had, and what ones they wanted or had planned. I gave my list (none), and then said by way of explanation that I think the unadorned human body is more attractive than anything you could draw on it or stick into it. I probably should have realised how close that came to my post in a thread some time ago about being "dressed up." I said something there about finding casually dressed people as (or more so) attractive as people wearing nice clothes and makeup and such.

So, I'd known that this sentiment was not appreciated. But it took me until today to figure out what's wrong with it. Basically, it comes down to an issue of liking what people have no control over instead of what they do have control over. I'm saying that whatever you were born with, you're stuck with. There's no room for advancement, for self-improvement. There's no appreciation given to hard work that's put into making a person look the way they want to.

Of course, I don't know how much good understanding this does. It's not like these kind of feelings, these impressions of whether a person looks nice or not, are subject to logical argument. I can know a person should be judged by what they've done rather than what they've been given, but that doesn't change my reaction when I actually see someone dressed a certain way or with certain piercings.


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