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This is what my tentative summer reading list looks like. If you have any suggestions (particularly if you can supply the book, as I have very little money and no access to a library), let me know.

Joe Wilson's mates -- Henry Lawson
The Little Prince -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance -- Robert M. Pirsig
Peace and its discontents: essays on Palestine in the Middle East peace process -- Edward Said
The story of B -- Daniel Quinn
Confessions -- Saint Augustine
The Panda's Thumb: more reflections in natural history -- Stephen Jay Gould
Still life with woodpecker -- Tom Robbins
Encounters with Einstein -- Werner Heisenberg
Jailbird -- Kurt Vonnegut
Sometimes a great notion -- Ken Kesey
Dine bahane (Navajo creation story)
The entire works of Claude Levi-Strauss .. no wait, I already read that.


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