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Thoughts from Star Wars Episode II:

- That spaceship is way too shiny.

- He falls, and gets caught by the flying speeder. I certainly didn't see that one coming.

- Yes, Anakin and Amidala are going to fall in love. We get the point. We've gotten that point ever since we saw the pedophile look in her eye in Episode I. You don't need to dwell on it.

- Someone should have told Lucas how awful these love scenes are. Then maybe he wouldn't have used so many of them.

- Although it would have been funny if they had thrown in one naked scene, thus making the movie R-rated, so all the little Star-Wars obsessed kids couldn't see it.

- Geez, Anakin is a terrible Jedi. They should fire him or something.

- This scene in the factory is dumb, by C3PO and R2D2 still make much better comic relief than Jar Jar.

- So the Stormtroopers are all basically clones of Boba Fett. Neat. And the genetic alterations thing explains why they're such morons in the original trilogy.

- Hmm, looks like the badguys subscribe to the Batman school of execution.

- How convenient -- that monster's claws didn't seem to hurt Amidala, but they just happened to tear off most of her shirt. Including the arm from underneath that metal armband thing.

- A dozen Jedi can *not* take on an entire droid army. No smurfing way. This is so ludicrous.

- Yoda kicking ass is cool, but somehow it's just not Yoda.

- It would be really cool if R2D2 saved them. Like, if Dooku beat Yoda too, but while he paused a second to gloat, R2 rolled up behind him and zapped him in the butt, distracting him long enough for Obi-Wan to grab his lightsaber.


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