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I spent the past weekend with a bunch of my closest Colgate friends (minus Marty and plus Alan) -- the first time I'd seen them since graduation. It was amazing how comfortable I felt around them. I drove a few places with Mikey, and we didn't talk the whole time, but the silences weren't awkward, because we didn't need to talk. Friendship was something we had, not something we were trying to build. It was an interesting contrast with ISH. The people here are all nice, but I don't have a social group here. I'll pass Nadia in the hall, or say hi to Laurent in the computer room, and wonder whether this is a person that I can be friends with and how I could get to know them better. I have the beginnings of a group of friends -- Alan, Melissa, Lily, Christian -- but even with them I'm reminded of Carl Christman -- he was my best friend for the first couple months after I moved to Palmerton, but once I settled in I found better friends and soon never talked to Carl at all. At the same time, it's hard to find the motivation to do things right this summer. I know that in less than three months I'll have to do it all over again at Clark, and that time it will really count, since I'll be there for several years.


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