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You Must Be A Fag

"I am a typical SF liberal jackass no one listens to because I live in San Francisco and everyone knows San Francisco is a totally useless noncity full of weirdo snobby leftist tree-hugging pro-choice intellectual wine-drinking peacenik tofu-suckers who practice yoga and smoke a lot of legal pot and are all just mad because Gore lost and Bush hasn't spontaneously combusted just yet and everybody seems to have a nice shiny new gun except us.

But more than anything else, the absolute worst thing that can apparently be said about me among the spurts of hate mail I invariably receive whenever one of my more politically charged columns pokes at the oozing sores of rage over at some right-wing Web site, is this: I must be gay. Really, really gay."

An amusing article about hate mail, in which Morford at times gives as good as he gets. I think the proliferation of "fag" as an insult probably reflects the readers' lack of creativity as much as it reflects their "virulent homophobia."


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