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In light of the fact that I will (theoretically) soon be kicked off of, I have registered myself a more permanent account at Sometime in the very near future (hopefully Monday) I will be moving debitage over to its new location, And in honor of the move, I've done a redesign. Take a look and let me know what you think. I've taken a couple screen shots of how it's supposed to look. I'd appreciate any comments, no matter how nitpicky, about anything that is a) different from how it ought to be, or b) correct but ugly. The index page that is currently on brunchma just has one post of placeholder text at the moment, and I haven't done anything to the archive, about, or best of pages as of this post. But the links to other blogs should be working. The light patch behind the second placeholder paragraph is the equivalent of the lighter gray I've been using behind quotes from news stories and other sources.


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