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My schedule for the remainder of the afternoon:

3:10: Click "Post & Publish."
3:15: Publishing complete. Click "view web page."
3:17: New window appears on screen.
3:22: Blog finishes loading in new window.
3:23: Click on Outlook in taskbar.
3:26: Outlook comes to the front. Click "Send/Receive."
3:28: Send/Receieve box appears on screen.
3:37: New mail received.
3:39: Send/Receive box disappears.
3:41: Screen refreshes to show new mail. Click on one message.
3:45: Window for new message appears on screen.
3:47: New message visible in window. It's a person who wants to subscribe. Click to close window.
3:50: Message window gone. Drag message over to "subscribers" folder.
3:51: Cursor actually moves.
3:55: Message moves into "subscribers" folder.
3:57: Screen refreshes to show new mail, minus the subscriber message. Click on next message.
4:00: New window opens.
4:03: Message opens in new window. It's from the guy who has the theory about the dinosaurs being killed by a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field.
4:04: Pick up lamp.
4:05: Insert lamp into computer screen.
4:06: Call the helpline: "I'm sorry, but I think I may need a new computer."


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